iBot 5.37

Automatically runs the Darkorbit online game

Create automated run scenarios for the Darkorbit online game by launching the bot application accessing the in-game Galaxy Gates and refining user characteristics by collecting bonus boxes, including celebratory stars, eggs, roses, etc., grinding resources, selling them for in0game money, etc.

Online games are among the primary time wasters known to humankind. If you want to make even the smallest progress in an online game, the amount of time you'll have to invest into it will be immense. That is why using bots - i.e. software allowing you to program your in-game character to carry out certain routines like resource grinding - could be of help if you want to save your time.

It is especially true for iBot, a bot program for the Darkorbit online game. On the second Sunday of every month, each Darkorbit player has a chance to win a real-money Jackpot if he or she wins in the server-wide mass battle event. The size of the Jackpot is directly dependent on amount of jackpot dollars the player has collected previously and boils down to grinding this rare resource as hard as the player can.

Collecting the Jackpot dollars is of course not the only thing you can entrust to iBot. It can also schedule rest times or resource selling routines to pull in some cash. You can even chat with other players online to make them think you're not using a bot - which is helpful because this way of obtaining money and resources is generally frowned upon by the community. Actually, this bad reputation of bots is at the same time their biggest disadvantage: as soon as you are caught using bots, the chances are you will be banned from the server altogether.

As for the particular drawbacks of iBot itself, I can only think of the pretty high entrance barrier: you've got to know the game quite well, otherwise there is no way for you to make any sense of the program's interface. Still, if you don't feel scared away by the ban threat or the complexity of iBot, this program will definitely make you Darkorbit experience less boring.

Andreea Iordan
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  • Extensive and easy to use


  • High entry hurdle
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